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nickshark2012's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 71 (From 7 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,115 Points

Creep Craft

Die! Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Get killed
Sword Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Craft a sword to begin your adventure!
5 nights Unlocked 2/9/13
10 Points
Survive five zombie filled nights in your world.
Mr Pig Unlocked 2/2/13
10 Points
Get the pig into your cave
Thank you too! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Thank you! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
GLITCH Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/7 (30/50 points)

Escaping the Prison

lol brawl reference Unlocked 1/2/13
5 Points
Legal Ending Unlocked 1/2/13
25 Points
Break out the legal way.
Badass Ending Unlocked 1/18/13
50 Points
Break out the badass way.
Sneaky Ending Unlocked 1/2/13
50 Points
Break out the Sneaky Way
DONUT WANT! 100 Points ...or do you?
Lots of Effort 100 Points Find all 18 FAILs.
BRAAAGGGHH!! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/7 (130/340 points)

Mad Princess

Once Upon A Time Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Watch the Intro
Instruments Of Murder Unlocked 2/2/13
10 Points
Clear the first 5 waves
Legend Of The Mad Princess 5 Points Watch the Ending
Princess Maker 5 Points Check out the Credits page!
Acupuncture Treatment 25 Points Clear Wave 15
Cannon Fodder 25 Points Kill 100 Regulars
Fight In The Shade 25 Points Clear Wave 16
Having A Blast 25 Points Clear Wave 11
Suicidal Overconfidence 25 Points Clear Wave 8
Swiftly Executed 25 Points Kill 50 Agiles
The Bigger They Are 25 Points Kill 25 Brutes
Wallmaster 25 Points Clear Wave 14
You Spin Me Right Round 25 Points Clear Wave 18
Bloody Good Time 50 Points Clear Wave 20
Kingslayer Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/15 (15/400 points)

Mine Blocks

Crafting Table Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Enlarges the crafting area
Eat Food Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Say "omnomnom" while you do that!
Fire a Bow Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
This is much cooler than using a sword!
Furnace Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Furnaces will burn and smelt items
Iron Ingot Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Use a furnace, coal, and iron ore to make iron ingots!
Iron Pickaxe Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
You can now mine diamonds... sparkle sparkle!
Kill a Cow Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Leather can be made into the first tier of armor
Kill a Creeper Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
They explode if you fail!
Kill a Nethereye Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
They pretty much will freak you out until you do anyway
Kill a Pig Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Pigs drop pork, and you eat pork to live
Kill a Skeleton Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
They will shoot arrows at you if you don't
Kill a Spider Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
They can climb walls
Kill a Zombie Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Careful though - you might need a sword
Mine Wood Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Wood is used in the most important crafting recipes!
Open Inventory Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
You can craft or see your items in Mine Blocks.
Place Block Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Now you can build things
Stone Pickaxe Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
With this, you can also mine iron and make an iron pickaxe!
Tame a Dog Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
They'll be your best friends in the world!
Wooden Pickaxe Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
Use this to mine stone and coal
Kill an Enderman Unlocked 2/2/13
10 Points
They teleport, are fast, and do a lot of damage. Good luck!
Unlock Ender Portal Unlocked 2/2/13
10 Points
Interstellar warping may occur.
Blacksmith 5 Points Use an anvil!
Brew a Potion 5 Points Use the potion stand to make a potion!
Fish a Fish 5 Points Catch a fish with a fishing rod!
Grow Tree 5 Points They're a renewable resource.
Grow Wheat 5 Points Next up, carrots and potatoes!
Kill a Blaze 5 Points They will shoot fireballs at you like crazy!
Kill a Flaming Chicken 5 Points Nothing's worse than a chicken with attitude.
Kill a Magma Cube 5 Points But they're so warm and cuddly!
Kill a Sheep 5 Points Bahhh! They drop wool.
Kill a Slime 5 Points Just make sure to wash you hands after!
Kill a Zombie Pigman 5 Points They typically attack in groups!
Open Door with Wiring 5 Points Open a door with redstone or a pressure plate!
Return to Sender 5 Points Reflect a ghast's fireball back at itself!
Teleport 5 Points Use an enderpearl to teleport!
Torches 5 Points Torches will light up the dark
Use a Bed 5 Points Sleep is time travel!
Make Cake 10 Points I'm not lying!
Make Portal Stone 10 Points The next step is going to the nether
Mine Diamonds 10 Points You can't be much fancier than a diamond pickaxe!
Mine Gold 10 Points It's a pretty fancy ore!
Mine Obsidian 10 Points Mix water into pure lava!
Slay the Ender Dragon 100 Points Congratulations! You beat the first boss in Mine Blocks!

Medals Earned: 21/43 (115/345 points)

Obduction XP

La muerte Unlocked 2/3/13
10 Points
Die in 3 different ways in one gameplay
Crusader 10 Points Pass 100 levels
Lower 10 Points Gain 10000 points
On the edge 10 Points Step on 100 bomb plataforms in one gameplay
Sweetest 10 Points Take 200 candies in one gameplay
The End? 25 Points Complete the game in easy mode

Medals Earned: 1/6 (10/75 points)

Relive Your Life

100 MPH Spank! Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Whoops! I hope you like wrinkles!
30 Rock Date Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
TFey and ABee come 2 save the Dee!
Big Mouth Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Because bragging gets you nowhere.
Blind Runner Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Daredevil ain't got nothin' on you.
Daytime TV Trio! Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Oprah, Ellen, and Maury!? You lucky sonovagun!
Dead Mutant Baby Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Death snagged you so young!
Dreamin' with Morgan Freeman Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Dressing in Drag Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Rambo is quite the prankster!
Extra! Extra! Unlocked 1/2/13
10 Points
Check out any of the external links
FYI YOU'RE A SPY Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Backstabbing yourself, low blow man.
Hellfire Injection Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Time paid life's bill.
Hide 'n Seek Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
He hid for two hours you selfish jerk!
HomeRun! Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Obeezy likes basketball, whoda thunk it?
Human Appliance Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Science is bad, M'kay?
I ain't sayin' you a golddigger. Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
But you ain't messing with no broke.. nibroke ;)
Love at First Fight Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Your sister figures out love the hard way.
Mee-Yow! Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
A WILD CatFight ensues!
Meet Joe Black Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
This was hilarious to animate :)
Mutually Assured Destruction Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Everything dies and it's all your fault.
My Hero. Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
No dead bunnies or kittens... for now.
Nice Save! Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Obviously she's a keeper!
Puppy Love Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Like OMG, Totes jelly.
Self Consumed Donut Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin WHAT
Shoop Da Whoop! Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
Imma firin mah lazor!!!
Tails Never Fails Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
A classic for bidding!
The Amazing Quadrupede! Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
You're a flying transgender mutant! SUCCESS!!!!!
The Dr. Phil Tango Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
You pissed off Dr. Phil. Gj bro.
The Man Who Owns Time Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
"Dr. Who" They name you, "His life, so bizarre."
The Naked Mile Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
If I weren't legally obliged, I'd go nude too.
Ultimate Velocity Five! Unlocked 1/18/13
10 Points
You become Saint Awesome!
GODLIKE! Unlocked 1/18/13
100 Points
You shake hands with the Almighty himself!
Lives Worth Living! Unlocked 1/18/13
100 Points
You found all 29 different endings!

Medals Earned: 32/32 (500/500 points)

Stealing the Diamond

BUNP Unlocked 2/2/13
5 Points
I TOLD you dog!
Like a D6 Unlocked 2/2/13
10 Points
Lose 6 points
Aggressive Ending Unlocked 2/2/13
50 Points
Win the aggressive way
Epic Ending Unlocked 2/2/13
50 Points
Win the epic way
Failtastic Unlocked 2/2/13
50 Points
Fail 55 times
Undetected Ending Unlocked 2/2/13
50 Points
Win the undetected way
Obscure Medal Unlocked 2/2/13
100 Points
You know you want this medal
It's a Joke Guys 5 Points I did it on purpose...
01100010 10 Points 6d 69 73 73 69 6e 67 6e 6f 0d 0a
Fail Champion 100 Points Watch all 40 unique fails
tldr Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 7/11 (315/435 points)